About Us

As simple as I can put it...  I like guns, knives and boobies... 

Why Manatees though?  How in the world is a manatee tactical?

Well, here's how it happened. For whatever reason I've always had a thing for manatees...  (not in a super weird way, but like I respect these big ass sea cows kinda way)  So I'm sitting on my couch one day enjoying a frosty beverage.  My significant other walks by and rubs my gut and says "there's my manatee"...  WTF???  I'm tactical as all get out over here, at the drop of a hat I could be up killing terrorist and downing whiskey...  She just looks at me semi expressionless, pats me on the head and says: "you're my tactical manatee"...  Well, I'll accept that and so it was born, the legend of the Tactical Manatee... Drinking beer and leaving couch divots since 2016. 

Seriously though, I'm not 100% sure where this is going.  Like I said I like guns, knives, patches, stickers, boobies, America, whiskey and almost everything in between.  I've got a ton of projects I would like to get off the ground!  If there is anything you would like to see from me please let me know.  Anyone out there want to collab on something just holler at me!  

If you just wanna shoot the shit, email or text me!  Thanks for stopping in and make sure to buy my shit!



Zeke (Tactical Manatee Actual)